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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clearwater Film Festival introduces film boutique

Here's the posting from the Clearwater Film Festival:

In our quest for excellence in creating the newest film festival on the planet we have decided to take one step further than you will find at most inaugural exhibitions.

The Film Boutique is the beginning of what we intend to become a film market. While traditional film markets may offer festival attendees hundreds of options in dealmaking with industry pros, we have to start somewhere, so we can't promise a thing other than space for you to park yourself and promote your films.

The Southeast U.S. does not currently have such an outlet for filmmakers and distributors. If you can’t make it to Colorado, California, Canada or Cannes the TCFF Film Boutique may be the right place for you to market your current title or slate of films to the general public. In the future, our goal is to develop this into a full fledged film market and trade show.

Right now it is an idea. A place for you to sell your movie. A place for a production company to set up shop and say “Hire us”. What will it become? Time will tell. How beneficial will it be to your business? There is only one way to find out.

As attendees enter and exit the Largo Cultural Center, they will be invited to tour the "Film Boutique" where they may learn more about you and your film and purchase a copy. This will be set up as a mini-convention hall during the festival September 29 - October 3 on THU 9/30 - FRI 10/1 - SAT 10/2 from Noon - 6 PM. Your entire cost for all three days is $200 for single film promotion or $350 for producers and distributors with multiple titles. This is a flat rate whether you use your space all three days or not.

If you would like to have a table set up in a 10" x 10" space, we have up to 20 spots available. To reserve your spot or to make arrangements for a more dominant presence, pleasecall us at 727-599-5137.

We are doing everything possible to encourage the participation of film distributors in our first year and feel this may be a step in the right direction. We have accepted dozens of films from around the world this year, many with filmmakers in tow. Whether you are screening at this years event or not, The Film Boutique is your opportunity to gain visibility.

We encourage you display your work, do good business and be profitable.

Thank you for your participation, and visit for more information.

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