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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Motel 2 nears completion

The co-founders of 315 Films huddled together for a lengthy shoot Saturday to bring long-gestating project Motel 2 t the verge of completion. Writer/director Clay Sisk and star Tim Ritter were joined in Lehigh Acres by actors Michelle Collins and Mike Donlan. In the scenes shot Saturday, Donlan and Collins, who run the seedy Palms motel, cope with strange visions brought on by a night of heavy drinking before facing a more imminent, real danger that has come to their doorstep.

Motel 2 follows the results when a small group of killers and hoods descends on The Palms motel with murder on their minds. Written and directed by Clay Sisk, the film stars Stuart Alexander, Tim Ritter, Tom Smith, Mike Donlan, A.J. Collins, Stu Pepper, Michelle Collins, Trevor James and Charles Ballaro.

Filming will wrap within the next week with the shooting of the film's final scene, and will be coming to the big screen in Fort Myers soon after. Stay tuned ...

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