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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moment of Truth trailer leads off local premiere

315 Films helped lead off the premiere for FA-tima Entertainment Production's feature film Mea Culpa in Fort Myers on Saturday night. The night at Dunbar High School, which was packed with people wanting to see the locally made Mea Culpa, began with the airing of 315 Films' Moment of Truth trailer. Then came Mea Culpa, directed by Samuel Vincent and starring Falia Justima and Moment of Truth castmembers Vladimy and Sandra Bellefleur.

Mea Culpa, a romantic drama, follows Charles, a successful Real Estate Agent, as he is tormented by one bad decision in his past. His recent engagement to his childhood sweetheart Tammie is raising attention, causing him more trouble than he’s willing to bargain for.

Moment of Truth: On the run from the mob, Jess seems headed toward a gruesome death. But when he is spared at the last moment, he has to find out one thing: Why? Written and directed by Tim Ritter. Starring Stuart Alexander, Jennifer Keister, Tony Berry, Mitchell Jacobs, Shawn Genther, Michael Dunsworth and Vladimy Bellefleur. Now in production.

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