Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee

Laura Boman marketing
Laura Boman

315 Films has added a couple of valuable members to its second feature film, Testament, with Andrew Lee and Laura Boman coming on board as Producers of Marketing and Distribution.
Andrew is the kind of guy you bring around if team building is required for success.  He’s spent the past 10 years developing this skill while working through the management ranks of a large furniture retailer in South Florida.  A Florida State graduate with a degree in marketing/small business management, Andrew has often been described by peers and direct reports as welcoming, driven, reliable and consistent.
Laura is an experienced marketing professional with a background in media and sales. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Auburn University, she had a seven-year career in newspapers before returning to an academic setting in 2011 to complete her MBA from Florida Gulf Coast University. Laura’s strengths include building relationships with clients and her ability to bring creative projects to fruition.
The two partnered recently to form a marketing team geared towards helping creative artists get their messages out to the world.
“The past 10 years of my life have been structured around business principles and theories.  This stuff has already been done; being around creative people reminds me of the endless possibilities that the future has in store,” Andrew said.
The pair will help manage fundraising efforts, social-media coordination and the early foundation of building an audience for the ambitious microbudget film. Production is planned to begin in summer of 2014.