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Monday, December 6, 2010

Remedy steams through second weekend

Production on new 315 Films short Remedy resumed over the weekend, with a vast majority of the production stage now complete.

The cast got some good news over the week when veteran actor Tony Berry, who starred in 315's Keeper of the Earth and The Long Wait along with a long list of other films, joined the cast as a late addition. Berry filled the role of Michael, the wise old military official who puts together the special operations unit featured in the film.

Shooting started on Saturday night, with a quick set of pick-ups in downtown Fort Myers, with a series of thrilling chase scenes. Actors Stuart Alexander (Shaken, Motel 2, Keeper of the Earth), Mitch Jacobs (Light) and Shawn Genther (Light, Getaway) were back on hand for the shoot.

Sunday saw a significant portion of the overall film completed, starting with a car conversation between Berry's Michael and Alexander's Jace near the Fort Myers Airport. Then production shifted to the Naples warehouse where much of the action takes place for a half-dozen pivotal scenes featuring Alexander, Berry, Jacobs and Genther. Tori Short was on hand to provide some fake (or is it?) blood for some of the characters. Which ones? You'll have to wait and find out.

One day of production remains, and then the film will launch into postproduction. Check back for updates and more production stills.

Remedy, written and directed by Pat Mitchell, follows a special team sent where others cannot go, to complete a mission - and a kill - which they failed once before. Written and directed by Pat Mitchell. The film stars Alexander, Berry, Jacobs, Genther, Joanna Horton, Jenny Marero and A.J. Collins. Joining Mitchell on the crew are Perry Wilson (cinematographer), Ryan Sharp (sound and lighting), Short, Tim Ritter (producer) and Ashley LaRue and Jessica Frazier (production assistants).

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